Jules André-Brown​​​​​​​
Leadership, Governance & Strategy​​​​​​​
practices to connect people and Create Radical Cultral-Change.
Leadership Facilitation. 
I work on leadership topics: organizational trust, modern governance, and mentorship. I develop workshops for organizations,  board & staff retreats, and coaching for individual leaders.  Below are examples of recent workshop titles.
Leadership.  The Future of BC’s Arts, Culture, & Heritage Sector 
Governance. Benefits, limitations, and opportunities in cultural governance.
Mentorship. Cultivating Student Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Museums, Arts, and Culture
Trust. Maintaining ethical relationships in complex environments through dignity and trust. 
Audits and Projects.  
 I offer affordable audits, projects, and retainers within the following three domains; strategy, leadership, and governance. 
Strategy.  I help organizations enhance their ability to link desired concepts to operations.  I analyze problems systematically, execute contemporary research, and validate a strategy's potential to serve an organization's purposes. 
Leadership.  I support change within organizations by celebrating the achievement of what is working and applying compassion for challenges in the organization.  I approach leadership using awareness, understanding, and patience to help organizations develop leaders that will address the most crucial challenges in the world. I specialize in dynamic and responsive succession planning. 
Governance. I advise guidance to governance bodies on establishing priorities, purposes and timelines and sound monitoring systems, outcome reporting and onboarding materials so they can be accountable to their communities.  I specialize in being a trusting ear for board chairs and being an outside perspective to identify critical factors and underlying causes and generate solutions.
Qualifications, Memberships & Appointments.
Master's Degree | Leadership  
Council Member & Governance Circle Advisor | BC Arts Council
Reviewer | International Leadership Association 
Member | Collaborative Action Research Network​​​​​​​
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